Celebrating the World’s Best

The greatest athletes in the world get together for the Olympics. But Nike wasn’t a sponsor.¬†They needed a smart way to celebrate their athletes and be seen during this huge event, without ever mentioning the Olympics, gold medals or Olympic related phrases.

We proactively pitched a campaign that reacted to the achievements of Nike athletes with celebratory gifs. We asked athletes to show us their Victory Pose – the move they would do if they won gold. This was then animated, and made ready to spread around the world if they made it to the podium.



We partnered with Shotopop and Giphy to create over 100 gifs of the world’s best. These were posted to Nike social channels, used as listen and respond content and¬†spread across the world when an athlete won a medal.

On the Streets of NYC

Due to the success of the campaign, Nike took it to the streets of NYC.